Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farmer's Market Bounty

The Saturday Morning Market was glorious! The goods: Rustic Italian seasoning (basil, oregano, sun-dried tomatoes, onion, garlic & parsley), truffle salt, local raw honey (I got the spring - they harvest one each season, and they also make a cinna-honey that is out-of-this-world divine) lettuces - kale, swiss chard, butter lettuce crusty loaf of bread for the hubby - it was a local German bakery that smelled great, and they had tons of different types of fresh bread - rye, fruit breads (with raisins, dates, apples), asiago and parmesan ciabatta & focaccia... on and on and on. Even though I never really think about bread anymore, it all looked good! I loved the fact that there are no preservatives, and the ingredient list is so basic - flour, water, yeast... nothing weird or unpronounceable - and all organic :) I very rarely (such as when we were in St. Lucia) will give gluten-free pizza or pasta a try, but I find that I really don't like the flavor - and I think I wouldn't like the glutened variety any more either... it's just not something I enjoy the taste of anymore... but raw sunflower seed-flax crackers with spicy cashew-red pepper sheeze? Count me in! That day, I also made standard hummus (chickpeas, extra virgin olive oil, garlic & lemon) for the hubby, served up with pita wedges & cucumber slices I find that hummus and I don't get along so well anymore... (sadly, the black beans didn't last night either). Something about beans & legumes & I - raw & sprouted or cooked - I just can't seem to digest them, even in small quantities. Anyone else suffer from this problem? lunch - so predictable... big bowl of bounty from the market - kale, chard, butter lettuce, plus arugula and spring mix, dressed with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, zest & juice of a lemon, Rustic Italian seasoning, a sprinkle of truffle salt & freshly cracked black pepper. So scrumptious! When I eat food like this, I feel like I am doing such a fantastic thing for my body... it makes me *feel* fabulous to eat this way... I think that's what my way of eating really comes down to for me - how it makes me feel. and thankfully today, my tailbone doesn't hurt like hell, so maybe this means some yoga in my future - the doctor said a little cycling, swimming or walking on the treadmill should be okay; basically, take it easy and *don't* do anything that hurts (which is hard for me, because I tend to try to work through the pain and try to just ignore it, but in this case I can do more damage, so I need to watch it)... a little exercise would be great! I've been feeling super lethargic lately without it. Any suggestions on exercise when you need to take it easy?

something fun to do: go over to Gluten-free family's blog and enter their amazing giveaway for glass straws! I haven't tried these beauties yet, but I've been wanting to buy some every since the lovely Miss Gina mentioned them... I love the idea of glass versus plastic, and drinking out of straws is way fun!

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Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

I have 4 Glass Dharma straws and I love them! I mean, if you use straws, they're great to not waste plastic all the time but some ppl dont have a need for straws i realize. Thx for stopping by earlier!

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