Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vegan Bucket List

Hi friends! How's your week going? It is windy and rainy and yucky outside here today... we've already had several tornadoes through the area (not the norm for central Florida) and I saw a picture of a semi blown onto a car... on the bridge I have to drive over to get home :/ not looking forward to that!

luckily, tomorrow is.... Friiiiiday! I'm super stoked. We're having our first *offiical* pool party of the year on Saturday, and my running buddy & I are changing things up this weekend and doing a long bike ride instead of a run! Our race (Iron Girl half!) is next weekend, so we're taking it *easy* (the other day, I asked my running buddy if she wanted to do Tabata intervals. I said, "you run so fast you want to die." she said, "when can we start?" I love that girl!)

Since I'm newly vegan, just for fun I thought I'd post the Vegan Bucket List from VegWeb! (okay, I am suffering technical difficulties and can't post it right now... but go check it out!) I've done #3, 10, 14, 15, 22- that's me, myth-buster :) especially regarding protein!, 23 - does training for a half marathon count? ;), 26, 29, 38, 39, 42- every chance I get, I give up the car!, 46, 49, 70 - my favorite comeback to "do you get enough protein?" is "do you get enough veggies?"). I have to admit, part of my desire to do this was I love lists! I am very type A, virgo-ish, perfectionistic... and a neurotic list maker! I love lists! and checking stuff off!
How about you? List maker or list hater?

How many things on the list have you done? Or what *vegan* thing or food would you like to try?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Newman's Own Recipe & Video

Hiya! Long time, no blog :/ I figure a quick update is better than nothing!

I've been a busy bee lately! I did finish my Gasparilla 15K at the end of February - time was 1:32 - I was happy to finish :) and I signed up for the Iron Girl 1/2 marathon April 10 along Clearwater beach. I love looking at the water & beach when I run - so relaxing!

Recently, the kind folks at Newman's Own sent me some products to try out, along with a flip (yay! so exciting). They did not pay me for my opinion or recipe, but did provide their products (3 jars of marinara sauces and 3 bottles of salad dressing) and a flip for me to make a recipe video. Seeing yourself on camera is so strange! I used iMovie to edit the footage and it was actually really fun. I think I'll be making some more recipe videos ;) unfortunately, I was in a rush for the deadline and did this sans makeup after a weekend at the beach, when I was both desperately in need of a shower and starving! and in one take... I love to see other blogger's videos and photos of their life - so I hope you enjoy!