Friday, July 23, 2010

Deconstructed Kale Chips, Moving In, Trips

Hi bloggie friends! It's been so long, but I'm baa-aack! :) The last month has been pure craziness working on the house, commuting almost an hour each way to my day job, taking trips (last weekend - New York City - this weekend - Gainesville), and squeezing in exercise, cooking / un-cooking (in a, let's say, partially equipped kitchen), friends and LIFE!

So, what's a girl to do when she's craving cheezy kale chips, but there's no running water and the kitchen sink looks like this?

Deconstructed cheezy kale salad! I simply chopped a red pepper, and mixed it with all the usual ingredients for my kale chips - apple cider vinegar, olive oil (sometimes I use cashews for the fat content), sunflower & hemp seeds, lemon zest & juice, red chili flakes, a pinch of sea salt, cracked black pepper, and NOOCH! All massaged into a glorious bowl of kale:

so, so good! I'll definitely be making this recipe again. Dishes were done with the hose outside. We've actually gone 2 weeks with no functional kitchen sink. crazy right? the worst part is, I haven't been able to wash & put away all the dishes from the move! The plumber finally came yesterday and now the sink works (yay!), but we were so busy preparing for this weekend (the house is getting tented for termites, so we had to box up all the food to take with us, along with all the new-house bills that needed taking care of), I just didn't have time to finish. And this morning, yoga was calling :)

Other recent eats: Cookie Dough Snowball - Basically, take Averie's recipe, add half scoop each vanilla & chocolate Sun Warrior protein powder, stir & freeze. For the sweetener, I used splenda & stevia, and for the liquid I used almond milk (the Silk almond milk - I used plain because we had it, but vanilla would have rocked), and then about a tablespoon each agave & maple syrup. And Hershey's special dark cocoa powder. The whole thng tasted like cookies and cream. It might not look like much:

but it rocked my face off! So freaking delicious! Thanks, Averie, for the inspiration ;)

Well friends, my photos are taking forever to load and I wanna go hang with our friends, but enjoy your Friday (I am, already with a vodka club soda in hand - haha!)