Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 21

Hi friends! How’s it going? I meant to do weekly updates all along, but… better late than never right? I am officially 21 (1/2) weeks along. My energy is generally pretty good (I’m usually up by 5am to hit the gym or run), but by about 9pm, I am done! I cannot seem to keep my eyes open any later than that. But I guess a growing bambino needs me to rest right? My sweet tooth has been out-of-control, which still seems weird to me because prior to becoming pregnant, it was non-existent. I also eat a lot of pickles

I started a new workout plan (by Jamie Eason) with my running buddy (who incidentally developed a potential slipped disk in her back with excruciating hip pain not long after I got pregnant), and we are now weight-lifting buddies. This workout may not seem tough while you’re doing, but you definitely will feel the burn! I am loving it so far. Even though my pregnant body is definitely a little slower and less strong than before, I still enjoy a good workout. Especially now with out-of-control hormones, I find daily exercise (anything from weights to yoga to running, or even a walk with the dog) imperative to staying balanced.

The bump definitely grows in the evening and is flatter in the morning . I feel like I’m finally getting to that “I look pregnant” stage and passed the “I have a beer gut” stage. Very exciting. This has led to buying more clothes (hey, there’s a limited time to show off the bump – I must take advantage and dress it up!).

(sorry for no bump picture... they all came out blurry :/ I will try again later!)

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along: 21 weeks

Size of baby: Baby Spice is the size of a banana

Total Weight Gain: 13ish lbs (I hate to admit it, but this totally freaks me out!)

Gender: We find out the sex next Friday (the 30th). We both still think it’s a girl, but I am so freaking excited to find out! And start buying clothes!!!

Movement: a little wiggling and fluttering – Rich actually felt the baby move last night! This was an awesome moment

Sleep: generally pretty good. I am loving my Snoogle body pillow (even though it takes up the whole bed). Sleeping on my back is still comfortable even though I know I’m not supposed to! I used to be a stomach (not possible) or back sleeper, and my side always makes me wake up with weird cricks in my neck and shoulders :/ and I wake up every hour to pee. This is annoying!

What I miss: Not much. Feeling pretty good with everything :)

Cravings: anything with carbs or sugar. Gluten-free toast with earth balance? Sooo delicious right now! And I still eat a lot of pickles

Symptoms: sleep interrupted frequently. Headaches almost daily (thank God there have been no migraines!) back starting to hurt a bit…

Maternity Clothes: Just ordered some tops from Seraphine ( and this dress from Asos. They both have amazing sales! I have this awesome bamboo nursing sweater from Serpahine, and I have to tell you, their customer service is amazing (I had to return it for a smaller size), you get your clothes super fast, and the quality is great.

Best Moment this week: Baby Spice has finally started moving a little! I hope this increases. Like now

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Taste of Fall - Pumpkin Caramel Frappaccino

Hey there bloggies! It’s been awhile – life has been crazy busy, between being pregnant (and requiring way more sleep than normal), studying for an exam and work – but all is good. I have noticed (as I’m sure we all have!) the massive pumpkin explosion which has occurred in the last few weeks – between the blogworld, the grocery store (bring on the gourds!), and, of course, Starbucks, fall has definitely arrived… except in Florida, where we are still enduring days of temperatures in the 90-degree range and ridiculous humidity (hell-o frizz!).

I was lucky enough to receive this Pumpkin Coffee and Caramel Pecan Bark from Godiva in conjunction with being a FoodBuzz Featured Publisher.

and it inspired me to make this frosty fall treat!

Recipe: Pumpkin Caramel Frappaccino

Serves 1

1 c strong brewed coffee (I did a blend of Caramel Pecan Bark and Pumpkin, made in my french press), chilled

1 c almond milk, preferably chilled in an ice cube tray until frozen

¼ c canned pumpkin

2 Medjool dates (amazing for adding a caramel flavor!)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp cinnamon

½ tsp powdered stevia

Optional: 1 – 2 tsp maple syrup, if you like your beverage a little sweeter

Optional: add pumpkin pie spice, cloves, allspice, and ground ginger to taste

If your almond milk is not frozen into cubes, add 4-5 ice cubes to blender (this may dilute the taste).

Directions: add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. You can also freeze the coffee in an ice cube trays if you need to add any extra caffeine to your drink! This recipe is fast, easy and screams of fall – but it is also cool and refreshing for those summer-like days.

What's your favorite way to enjoy fall?