Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy in the Kitchen and Fresh Express giveaway

Hey friends! How has your weekend been? Mine has been ... studious :/ props to all of you in school! especially while working. Books are hard work! I did go on a glorious long run yesterday (still pondering the Princess Marathon -- registration is $10 cheaper if you sign up by the 31st of October), and a run + weights this morning. Taking a little break from the books to show some gluten-free, vegan pics of eats over the past few months:

...and the lovely folks at Fresh Express and foodbuzz sent me some awesome coupons for free salad mix:

I would love to share 4 coupons with one of you readers :) To win, please leave a comment and tell me what your favorite thing to do in your 'spare time' is (or what you would love to do if you had any! lol). Contest ends next Sunday (31 October -- Halloween!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

There you are blog!

hello blog world! it has been... quite some time! lol, a few months :) I have been uber-busy, working full-time (40+ hours per week), commuting way further (50+minutes... each way), and studying for a BIG exam... which is this Friday (thank God. I am so over hitting the books. and drinking vodka to relieve the stress, haha! maybe not the vodka...). My life for the past few months = work, work out, study -- barely see friends, barely do anything fun (hey, at least it's good for the budget!)... think hermit. which is so hard for me, since I am that girl you call when you need a shoulder to cry on, something fun to do, advice on cooking (but boys, not so much ;) - thank God I'm married now) or a dance party on your front porch (okay, that was my porch, last weekend, where I killed my friend Matt at darts, and I was the only one dancing! hey, still fun :)). so... I turned 27, cut my hair:

lost about a foot! it is awesome. I know it seems contradictory, since fall is upon us - but oh, Florida sunshine, cool here seems to be stuck at 87*. :/ i am jealous of all you sweater-wearing sassy pants out there! it makes me laugh when people talk about the cold or rain (we have been dry for weeks now) or even leaves changing color -- um, none of that here... but doesn't stop me from a closet full of coats! Must be fashionable for those 3 days a year you need a jacket. I have been running quite a bit - 3 or 4 times per week - and I'm thinking of doing a half marathon (go big or go home right?!) - maybe the princess half at the end of Feb in Orlando? anyone else doing that race? maybe I'm a little over-zealous or just so happy my knee is healed, but running has been *amazing* for stress relief!

I had *so many* pictures to post and my camera (my giant Canon Rebel) is MIA - I'm hoping the hubby put it somewhere secret when he was cleaning or took it with him to visit his fam... otherwise :( ... anyway, I will leave you with a recipe!

Scrumptious Pumpkin Pie-Oh My! Smoothie

because chocolate + pumpkin = food-gasm! so good ;)

1 scoop chocolate (vanilla would be good too!) Sun Warrior Protein

1/2 cup pumpkin

1/3 cup chia gel (to make gel: stir 4 tablespoons chia seeds into 2 cups water and let sit for about 20 minutes)

1 cup chilled Vanilla Chai Spice tea (or coffee! I've done both, and both are yummy!)

cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg (or pumpkin pie spice!), to taste (sorry, I don't measure - I just shake it baby! lotsa cinnamon)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

small chunk frozen banana (I use about 1/5 banana)

pinch sea salt

stevia, to taste (liquid or powder, vanilla liquid is my fave for this recipe)

1 tsp lucama powder

1 tsp maca powder

1 tsp spirulina, if you're trying for extra green nutrition (always!!!)

6 or so ice cubes

Blend it up in a blender (<3 my vita!) until smooth. drink. with a glass straw, because it is fun! wish you lived somewhere where it got *cold* in the winter months! You can leave out the lucama & maca if you aren't trying to use up bags of pricy powder that have been in your pantry for way too long. It will still be yummy :)

I plan to post more frequently.. and hopefully my camera will make an appearance! enjoy the rest of your weekend! xoxo