Sunday, March 28, 2010

Something Fun to Do!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you've had an awesome weekend... Go check out Averie's Blog and enter her Tazo giveaway!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Married.... and some honeymoon pictures!

hellllooo bloggies! Happy Friday :) So sorry for the long absence - the past month has had me busy busy busy getting married

(yes... those are the fabulous crystal-encrusted sapphire-blue sex-in-the-city Satin Manolos... so comfortable and made me feel super sexy all night long :)

...and honeymooning in gorgeous St. Lucia (if you've never been, I totally recommend it - we stayed at the Sandals Grande resort which was fabulous!) We spent 7 amazing days zip-lining through the rainforest, horseback-riding along the beach, and exploring a drive-in volcano and botanical gardens.

The resort from up above - this was taken from the Fort, about a 20 minute hike - the weather was fantastic and the view (as you can see!!!) was totally worth the exercise (which was also very welcome by the end of the trip and all the eating and drinking gluttony which had ensued...)

The Piton mountains are in the background - the range is small but it looks like the outline of a figure lying down (most notably known for the "boobies" - one of which you can see in the background of this pic)

one of many, many incredible flowers at the botanical gardens - so many unique and interesting plants and flowers, which definitely inspired me to dedicate some time to art (I love charcoal, pencil, pen & ink....). I also met a fellow geeky engineer who was into photography and he taught me a bunch of new things about how to shoot with my camera (I have the Canon Rebel and I love it! Sometimes it seems like it's a pain to lug it around, but the pictures are always great, so it's worth it)

didn't want to bore yall with too many pics ;)

-the rear view! hahaha... one of the better pictures of horseback-riding (my horse's name was Vegas). Unfortunately, St. Lucia is in the midst of a drought; hence all the dry foliage in the forest. Nonetheless, it was an awesome ride - especially bareback through the ocean!

... and the latest addition to our family: Maki (short for Macchiato, as any Starbucks aficionado probably knows, means "spotted" in Italian - she's a Jack russell terrier mix, found by a friend of ours, abandoned... so we rescued her - my first puppy ever :)

...on to a bit of bad news - I slipped on Maki's giant raw hide (some friends with a big dog watched her while we were away on our honeymoon and they have a big dog, so Maki got quite spoiled with big chew toys and treats) - and dislocated my knee. As in, I totally dislocated it - it was way off to the side :( it's back in place now and propped up on the couch and I'm icing it, but it hurts (thought my butt hurts a lot more - I bit it pretty hard on the hard wood floor).... seeing as how it's the weekend, I guess I'm waiting 'til Monday to see what the prognosis is, but I'm really disappointed because I've been super eager to get back into working out and yoga (the last month, and even this week, has been a total whirlwind - still cleaning and laundry to do, and I had a massive Spring Cleaning planned for tomorrow while Rich was at a soccer tournament). The injury makes me thing of Gina - she's definitely doing the safe (albeit hard!) thing and playing it safe by taking it easy.

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time for me to get back to our movie - Julie & Julia - but expect some recipes to come (tomorrow night is tapas & Sangria with a side of basketball!) as well as lots of pictures. Happy Friday night everyone!