Friday, January 13, 2012

Early Arrival!

At 36 1/2 weeks,

Olivia Abigail joined the world...

weighing 5 lb 1 oz, 18 3/4 inches long. A bit early and a bit smaller than we expected, but she is completely perfect and we are so in love!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Post without Pictures

Hi friends! Has it really been almost 2 months since I last posted? Yikes!

Two lovely blogging ladies have had babies in the past few weeks - Shanna and Gina! So exciting! And the blog world has just been full of births over the past year... I guess we're all at that age?! I am 36 weeks... it's hard to believe that the home stretch is here already. I had a doc appointment today and was "checked" - not the most comfortable thing, but not too terrible. My belly is measuring a little small (it happened before), but I think it's just because I'm tall and had more abdominal muscle before I got pregnant. The good news is tomorrow I get to go for another ultrasound! Overall, I have been feeling great - emotions have been pretty stable, energy is decent throughout the day - although I need a LOT more sleep now! 6 hours just isn't cutting it. Now I need more like 10 :) So I'm not working out as much as I'd like to (that's the downside, one of many, of working full time an hour away from home - 12 hour work days), but I am at least walking / stretching every day, with pilates and the elliptical a few days a week. And I ran 3 miles last weekend!

Cravings: fizzy water! My sweet hubby got me this soda maker for Christmas, and I am obsessed. I have already made many, many bottles. And while my appetite is still there, I tend to eat too much at once (forgetting my ever-growing belly and the decreasing space in there!) and then feel ... blah. so the fizzy water rocks! Also craving avocados and big salads. And red wine (but not giving into that craving :)

Pictures of the bump to come soon! and some foodie pictures :)

What are you craving lately? Link it up!