Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 21

Hi friends! How’s it going? I meant to do weekly updates all along, but… better late than never right? I am officially 21 (1/2) weeks along. My energy is generally pretty good (I’m usually up by 5am to hit the gym or run), but by about 9pm, I am done! I cannot seem to keep my eyes open any later than that. But I guess a growing bambino needs me to rest right? My sweet tooth has been out-of-control, which still seems weird to me because prior to becoming pregnant, it was non-existent. I also eat a lot of pickles

I started a new workout plan (by Jamie Eason) with my running buddy (who incidentally developed a potential slipped disk in her back with excruciating hip pain not long after I got pregnant), and we are now weight-lifting buddies. This workout may not seem tough while you’re doing, but you definitely will feel the burn! I am loving it so far. Even though my pregnant body is definitely a little slower and less strong than before, I still enjoy a good workout. Especially now with out-of-control hormones, I find daily exercise (anything from weights to yoga to running, or even a walk with the dog) imperative to staying balanced.

The bump definitely grows in the evening and is flatter in the morning . I feel like I’m finally getting to that “I look pregnant” stage and passed the “I have a beer gut” stage. Very exciting. This has led to buying more clothes (hey, there’s a limited time to show off the bump – I must take advantage and dress it up!).

(sorry for no bump picture... they all came out blurry :/ I will try again later!)

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along: 21 weeks

Size of baby: Baby Spice is the size of a banana

Total Weight Gain: 13ish lbs (I hate to admit it, but this totally freaks me out!)

Gender: We find out the sex next Friday (the 30th). We both still think it’s a girl, but I am so freaking excited to find out! And start buying clothes!!!

Movement: a little wiggling and fluttering – Rich actually felt the baby move last night! This was an awesome moment

Sleep: generally pretty good. I am loving my Snoogle body pillow (even though it takes up the whole bed). Sleeping on my back is still comfortable even though I know I’m not supposed to! I used to be a stomach (not possible) or back sleeper, and my side always makes me wake up with weird cricks in my neck and shoulders :/ and I wake up every hour to pee. This is annoying!

What I miss: Not much. Feeling pretty good with everything :)

Cravings: anything with carbs or sugar. Gluten-free toast with earth balance? Sooo delicious right now! And I still eat a lot of pickles

Symptoms: sleep interrupted frequently. Headaches almost daily (thank God there have been no migraines!) back starting to hurt a bit…

Maternity Clothes: Just ordered some tops from Seraphine ( and this dress from Asos. They both have amazing sales! I have this awesome bamboo nursing sweater from Serpahine, and I have to tell you, their customer service is amazing (I had to return it for a smaller size), you get your clothes super fast, and the quality is great.

Best Moment this week: Baby Spice has finally started moving a little! I hope this increases. Like now