Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Newman's Own Recipe & Video

Hiya! Long time, no blog :/ I figure a quick update is better than nothing!

I've been a busy bee lately! I did finish my Gasparilla 15K at the end of February - time was 1:32 - I was happy to finish :) and I signed up for the Iron Girl 1/2 marathon April 10 along Clearwater beach. I love looking at the water & beach when I run - so relaxing!

Recently, the kind folks at Newman's Own sent me some products to try out, along with a flip (yay! so exciting). They did not pay me for my opinion or recipe, but did provide their products (3 jars of marinara sauces and 3 bottles of salad dressing) and a flip for me to make a recipe video. Seeing yourself on camera is so strange! I used iMovie to edit the footage and it was actually really fun. I think I'll be making some more recipe videos ;) unfortunately, I was in a rush for the deadline and did this sans makeup after a weekend at the beach, when I was both desperately in need of a shower and starving! and in one take... I love to see other blogger's videos and photos of their life - so I hope you enjoy!