Saturday, June 19, 2010

Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Snowball Bites

Hi Friends! What's shakin'? How's your weekend so far? Mine's been fantastic! I had a lovely girl's dinner (read: salads & a bottle of red wine! which was crazy since I'm barely drinking these days) out with a fabulous friend last night at this outdoor cafe, on the river downtown. It was great to catch up on some girl time. Today I did a few errands, spent time with the hubby, and we have some friends in town tonight.

I made a delicious green smoothie this week:

1 c frozen strawberries

1 c pineapple

1/2 c frozen bananas

1/2 c frozen mango

2 big handfuls spinach

small shake from the bee pollen jar

1/2 cucumber, peeled & chopped

green juice - 1 cuke, 2 pears, 1 green apple:

before blending:

nice & smooth, with a lovely glass straw:

This morning my darling husband made pancakes! I love pancake Saturday :) These had coconut (shredded coconut, blended in the Vitamix into flour), almonds (also ground in the Vita into flour), honey to sweeten, a touch of salt, baking powder, cinnamon and water to make a batter. Here's the final product:

Sorry for the stiff looking picture :) This one was straight from the fridge. I forgot to take pictures this morning, and I always like to store no-preservative, gluten-free goods in the fridge. We ate them with more honey (all out of maple syrup and agave, but you could use either to sweeten the batter), vegan margarine, and blueberries & pineapple! delicious! The batter was a little dry, and I think next time I'll add some coconut oil :)

I've also made one of Averie's delicious chocolate recipes: raw vegan dark chocolate snowballs! I used maple syrup for my sweetener, and then I pressed it all into a tupperware container and froze it. I took the mixture out, diced it up and got this:

topped with an almond butter crown:


I'm off to chill - have an awesome weekend! Tell me all about it!

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Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Glad you got busy on the raw choco snowballs! Yum!

The Vita and do i spy a breville juicer in the background? i have one too :) i never use it b/c vita cleanup is 99% faster!


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