Sunday, June 6, 2010

Doin' the Sushi Samba

My weekend has been flying by! How 'bout you? We threw an impromptu dinner party (read: food plus friends plus cocktails = loads of fun!) last night - sushi style! I did eat some fish (tuna and salmon), but no rice.. just not my ticket ;) Here's the group platter (with rice):

and mine (no rice or cream cheese - almost raw vegan with the except of fish - it was all raw and organic):

we did the rolls with various combinations of tuna, salmon, asparagus (blanched), red pepper, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, carrot, jalapeno, lemon zest, basil (sound like an odd thing, but sooo good! came fresh off of our basil plant... they're finally all making an amazing comeback after dying during the winter freezes... haha Florida freezes). Served up with wasabi ('cuz I like it spicy!) and pickled ginger and soy sauce (I dip mine in this coconut aminos - it's raw, soy free & gluten-free and tastes remarkably like soy). Sorry, I was too hungry for more sushi pics heehee.

What else have I been eating lately? I made this beauty:

the Blue Sunset from Raw Food Real World, and the Bunny Spice:

(with carrot & ginger juice, blended with cinnamon and banana - so good!). Yesterday I made kale chippies! The before:

and the after:

love the nooch-y cheez-y goodness! protein power baby!

I also made a version of my good friend Averie's no-bake peanut butter bars, but I made a few tweaks. I used this almond butter instead of peanut butter:

I love how the only ingredients are salt & almonds! and it was on sale at Whole Foods. score! I made an apricot-date syrup (about 4 ripe apricots blended with 1/2 cup dates in the food processor) to sweeten:

and then put everything in a pyrex dish, topped with maple sugar.

It didn't all harden up too well, so I ended up baking them as cookies (on a Silpat - love how they're non-stick!)

here's the underneath:

pretty delicious! However, I ended up giving them all away. Oats and I still um, don't agree :/

I also made a raw pad thai of sorts. The dressing:

The before:

The after:


Yesterday I got in an awesome workout - arms, chest, abs, and leg rehab. Today is lots of icing the knee :/ and maybe a headstart on packing? until everything is *final* on the house I don't want to jinx anything! haha. The weather here seems sorta blah today - grey and rainy and super humid (from here on out it's rainy season - we'll still have Florida sunshine everyday, but rain too - and 100% humidity! How's that for some knockout hair weather?) What are you up to today? Anything fun? Tell me all about it!

Have a fabulous week!


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

cookies and kale chips...using my recipes, you are having too much fun in the kitch :) I just need you to cook for me since my dehyd is currently packed away! ha!

Kat said...

since we have so many of the same tastes and food allergies, you're like my own personal cookbook! haha xoxo

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