Saturday, June 12, 2010

It Gives You Wings!

... raw vegan Red Bull that is! this beauty was cucumber (check out the size of this monster:)

ginger, lemon, kale stems, romaine (the leaves were almost too gorgeous to juice! how can you turn down delicious eye candy like produce with amazing colors for the vending machine? I don't get it! especially with all the summer produce out right now!), a plum and handful of grapes that were on their way out, a green apple, and a pear... slightly sweet, slightly spicy, sooo good! Here it is in the carafe (overflowing, yeah that was *not* fun to clean up)

The purple is from the plum & grapes - they aren't something I've added in before, but the taste was summery sweet, and the produce was at least saved from garbage bin city where it was headed - that's a good tip for newbie juicers too, just try different things in your juicer until you find combos you like - there's tons of recipes out there, but just try stuff - the worst thing that can happen is the garbage disposal can eat it. haha

I've been indulging in iced coffee the past few weeks too... it's been baller hot here. My car thermometer read 108* yesterday - I know it wasn't *that* hot, but with 100% humidity, it certainly feels like it!

This week I made the raw cheesecake from the Raw Goddesses' book and it was amazing! I stored it in the freezer and it was a chilly treat - so good! Finished Product:

The crust:

The filling in the Vita:

See how thick and creamy?

To me, it tastes just like *real* cheesecake (but way better!). It does need time in the fridge or freezer to thicken (like regular cheesecake). I use this coconut oil:

I buy it from Earth Shift Products and I love it! It is the very best coconut oil I have ever tasted (and no, they did not give it to me free - I wish! - or pay me to say that). It has a nice coconut flavor and works wonderfully in raw desserts. When our UPS guy delivered it (aroune 6 or 7pm) a month or so ago, it was ALL liquid. funny. love Florida!

last night was Indian Food Friday at casa de Kat! I had been dreaming of Indian Food all week. I made Gajar Halwa via the Fitnessista's vegan recipe, but left out the vanilla (still out! I am going to Whole Foods as soon as I post this :) and the saffron (didn't have any). Here's my version:

and in a little serving bowl:

(sorry for the dark picture!) I didn't measure any of the spices and my cinnamon is in one of those giant Costco containers and I think it came out a little too fast... so I ended up adding a little more almond milk. I also made a batch of Baingan Bharta based on this recipe (thanks to Gina for posting the link awhile back!). Here it is cooking:

and ready to come out of the pan:

throw on some cilantro (hint to all the novice cooks: a little fresh chopped herbs go a long way to make your food look awesome & pro!)

and serve some up!

it's vegan, full of veggies, and spicy! I used a jalapeno and a red pepper (variety = unknown... growing on our balcony! yay, something that grows and is not consumed by squirrels...). So my husband got home last night and the first words out of his mouth? "Wow it smells AMAZING in here!" Any new wifey (it's been just over 3 months!) loves to hear that! especially now that I'm pretty much an all-the-time vegan (occasionally ~ 1/month I eat seafood), and always eating lots of produce, and while he likes veggies, he doesn't have the same love affair with kale that I do :). He had just run by whole Foods and had a baguette, so he threw some of the Baingan Bharta on the bread and said it was amazing. and then he went back for seconds! yay! I adjusted the spices a little, but pretty much followed the recipe. I think it would have been better if some onion was added at the beginning with the pepper. Something to do next time I make it!

*something fun to do* go check out Nelly's blog and enter to win Ani Phyo's book, Raw Food Essentials, because Ani is amazing! I have Ani's Raw Food Kitchen & love it!. Contest ends Tuesday, June 29.

I'm off to do errands - Whole Foods & Target - and then to watch the World Cup game, then to support the Tampa Bay Rowdies.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Happy Birthday to my good friend Averie who doesn't look a day over 25 :) Love you! xoxo