Friday, March 23, 2012

Swanson Products Review

Recently, the kind folks at Swanson sent me some great products to review!

This flax oil sounded so interesting to me:

It's caramel flavored! I love the health benefits of flax (omega 3s! omega 6s! fiber! protein!) and regularly use ground flaxseed as an egg replacer, to top oatmeal, and sprinkled in smoothies. This oil sounded fun and unique and while it doesn't taste like liquid caramel, it is super tasty. I love it on tender baby lettuce with balsamic vinegar - simple but so delicious!

I also tried these goji berries:

I had a love / hate relationship with goji berries before I tried these. I know they are a "superfood" and supposed to be quite healthy - full of antioxidants - but truthfully, due to the price of many superfoods, I won't bother unless it's something I love. In the past, I had tried gojis which were dried out, crunchy, had to be soaked, and had a funky taste. These are SO different - super moist, plump, juicy... I have been eating them by the handful. SO worth it, in my opinion - great sprinkled on a salad, in granola, mixed in with grains like quinoa. Delicious!

This coconut conditioner is awesome:

It really moisturizes my thick, curly hair, but it's not overly thick and heavy. It smells amazing and I don't have to apply gobs of it to feel like it's working.

All in all, I love all the products I tried and would definitely recommend them. Swanson is a great company - wonderful customer service, free shipping over $50, and steep discounts on a huge variety of vitamins and health products. If you go to their facebook page, you can get a $5 off coupon!

Disclaimer: I was provided these products for free, but all opinions are my own