Friday, February 4, 2011

Tick Tock, Slow Clock

Hi friends! How's your Friday? Have anything fun planned for the weekend? My day is draaaaging by :( Can't wait to start the weekend, perhaps with a lovely glass of vino :)

This morning, I did about 25 minutes of intervals on the recumbant bike, plus Legs of Fire and Abs-Tastic Exercise Challenge (I did mine laying on my back on the floor since I don’t have a pull-up bar or dip station – trust me, it still burns!) workouts from Bodyrock. (I did bike intervals instead of jump-rope – still trying to take it easy on the foot with jumping / impact). It was killerrrr! I had an amazing green smoothie (1 scoop vanilla Sun Warrior, frozen blueberries & strawberries, small chunk of frozen nana, spinach, ½ cuke and some green powder (SW Supergreens & spirulina). The cuke is something sorta new for me – I’ve had it in smoothies before, but not very often. It was love! So refreshing and hydrating and perfect after a workout!

Last night, I watch this totally inspiring vlog from the beautiful Kris Carr on de-cluttering your life physically & mentally. De-cluttering is something I need to get much, much better at (my closet is a giant disaster right now). Life runs so much more smoothly when you’re organized! Plus if I get rid of some stuff, I’ll have a great excuse to shop it up!

Sorry about the lack of pics (and links), but I’m blogging in stealth mode ;)
What are you looking forward to doing this weekend? What was the best part of your week? Tell me all about it!