Saturday, May 1, 2010

Summer's Here!

Hello bloggie friends! Happy May 1st! I think we went straight from *winter* (um, that would be spring for all you northerners ;) to summer - today is a humid one for sure! Rich and I hit up the dragon boat races downtown:

That was pretty cool to watch - I'd never been before. It was also the Asian festival - we watched a big dragon float by :)

and Rich grabbed some grub

and plate number 2 :)

and then we walked around for a bit before we called it quits on the heat. We came home and played with our fur baby, and I grabbed some lunch (un-pictured salad beast). Then things got a little dangerous... in the spirit of hottie Miss Averie I made some raw vegan almond butter cups! Also in her spirit, I made several substitutions (I desperately need to go to the grocery, but I also start eating a lot less heavy food, like nuts / nut butters and coconut butter when the weather warms up, in favor of juices and fresh produce... plus now I think I am *officially* and unofficial vegan)... note to self: coconut butter (while totally full of face-rocking deliciousness!) does not harden like coconut oil. Ah well, use what you've got right? Here's the chocolate lushiousness in the Vita beauty:

so tasty! and in it's lovely little cups (I ended up just throwing them in the freezer to harden... I think it'll all be okay, or ok-izay, if you're a Madagascar fan) - and yes, those are purple ghost cups from last Halloween

and then, I had a lot of leftover chocolate (guess that's what happens when you don't follow the recipe, wink wink), so... I busted out these fabulous candy molds, put a little dollop of almond butter in the bottom of each, and topped with the chocolate concoction:

they came from the $2 bins at the front of Target. Does anyone else get sucked in by those? Why, oh why, do they do that? all kinds of cute crap you don't need! well, maybe I did need these, for today ;) My wallet is just glad I don't have kids, because having to go by the Target black hole bins would be much harder with munchkins!

Something fun to do: go to Averie's blog and enter her NuNaturals contest to win some Vanilla Stevia! Why? because winning is fun and Averie is a hot mama :) and I love her blog

I'm off to go grab a drink (hopefully something icy cold to ward off the wicked heat... if only they had something to save my hair from the frizziness induced by this humidity!) at the local beer garden (um, wine for this gluten-free girl!)
Have a fantastic weekend!

Go check out Katie's blog and enter to win a $60 shopping spree at CSN!

xoxo, Kat

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Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

thanks for the linkage to the PB cups and sorry they didnt quite set up for you, that oil/butter thing :) and extra choco is never a problem, either :)

Those molds!!!!! OMG so right before EAster I saw some that were in the dollar bins but they were bunnies, not hearts. Not that bunnies are bad, but I wanted something a lil more all-seasons. Hearts are def. all-seasons. Jealz that you scored those!

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