Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Raw Eats!

pomegranate-sake-tini! light and refreshing, splash of fresh meyer lemon juice, topped with pomegranate seeds... mmmm

I've been doing some un-cooking lately... veggie-stuffed romaine leaves & jicama-"rice" sushi! served with soy-free coconut aminos and wasabi... spicy and totally delicious. I also recently made some brazil-nut based cheeze with meyer lemon juice & zest, shown here on top of zucchini with capers:

and finally, I made the king Oyster mushroom calamari from the lovely Sarma's cookbook, Living Raw Food (totally awesome by the way! both the recipe & the book... the photos are awesome, and so are all the recipes). I was surprised by how "realistic" the mushroom calamari were in taste and texture to the real thing... I served it with the "tarter" and "cocktail" sauce recipes from the book. Even my fiance was impressed :)